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MMA Awards Plug

Hey Scott!  Hope the New Year is treating you and your family well.  I'm really enjoying the Royal Rumble Rants, by the way.  They're bringing back a lot of memories.
I was hoping you would help me out by posting a link to The Ultimate Fight Show's 2011 MMA Awards Ballot.
Please take a few moments to cast your vote for your favorites.
And don't forget to tune in to this weekend's edition of The Ultimate Fight Show to hear the results.
Thanks for all the support!

Speaking of which, did you know there’s a UFC PPV this weekend?  Like, I’m a pretty hardcore UFC fan compared to the general public, and I had ZERO idea that UFC Rio was coming up on Saturday.  That’s a sign they’ve got too many shows.  Granted Jose Aldo on top and Belfort v. Rumble as the semi-main isn’t exactly going to set the PPV world on fire, but you’d think they would have put out some commercials or SOMETHING.  Even the UFC app on Xbox only has one quick “trailer” for the show and the rest is still about UFC 141.