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Podcast Plug

   I've been a very long time reader of yours and, in all honesty, I believe, to this date, I've purchased two of your wrestling-related works. I've emailed you a few times in the various incarnations of "ask Scott"-type columns. In my early twenties I became involved with professional wrestling on a very  low independent level. I must say, for someone who sees everything from a so called "outsiders" perspective, I have always appreciated your sense of humor, and sensible approach to journaling and discussing the wrestling industry.
   My long winded point being is that after many years of following you blog; I feel that I have something to offer to the Smarks that they may be interested in. I record and produce a weekly podcast that loosely adheres to the mid-late 90's style of Hot Talk Radio. I talk News, Opinion, Sports (including pro wrestling from a somewhat less "markish" view point). The podcast is free of advertising at this point and is simply made as a function of social networking. The only thing I solicit is input, feedback, and opinion which I know your readers have in spades. Been doing it for a month so far... Just trying to justify the $37/mo American I spend hosting the damn thing...
Of Course, you are more than welcome to check the show out for yourself. :-)

Always happy to help.