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Random Mailbag

Hi Scott,

I've been reading you since the late 90s, even though I don't regularly watch wrestling anymore.  I really enjoy the PPV and Raw recaps, even though I never really watch, although CM Punk is coming close to sucking me back in.  I enjoy your sense of humor and find myself agreeing with your likes/dislikes.  Here are a few stupid questions:

1.  Will Demolition ever get their own DVD?  I'm sure the answer is no, but I'd pay good money to watch a DVD of Demolition squash matches.  There are enough good Demos matches around to make a decent set.  

2.  How close do you think @CrankyVince is to Vince's regular personality?  The feed is hilarious and I'm assuming it's right on the money.

3.  If you were a wrestler, what would your finishing move be?  

4.  Why does your blog look funny on iPhone?  It's all squished to one side.  Is this just me? 

1.  Bill Eadie is not on particularly good terms with WWE, to say the least.  Honestly, though, it’s not like Demolition had the kind of longevity and great matches where you could make a really compelling DVD set out of them.  They had some really good ones against the Harts and Bulldogs and the one really great one against the Brainbusters, but nothing particularly memorable otherwise.  Plus they really only were around from 88-90 as a top level team.

2.  It’s dead on according to what people who would know have told me.

3.  Shining Wizard.  Easy to do, looks effective when done right.  Either that or Kobashi’s Roaring Elbow.  I’m not a big fan of the current crop of backbreaker and DDT variations that are clogging up the midcard.  I was always a fan of high-impact stuff that looks like it could be done to someone of any size.

4.  I dunno, I have the HTC Desire.  Switch to Android instead, maybe.