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Recycled Music

After re-watching the Haku/Race match from the '90 Rumble (as reviewed by '12 Scott Keith), I realized that at least 5 wrestlers have used "The Great Gate of Kiev" as a theme song: Race, Haku, Duggan, Savage and Lawler.  What other songs can you think of that have been recycled?  I can name the following:
Generic Japanese Song (WWF): Orient Express, Bull Nakano and Aja Kong
Real American (WWF): Hogan, Orndorff, Patterson/Brisco and the US Express
Generic Metal Song: Blitzkrieg, Bunkhouse Buck
This list must be incomplete.

Yeah, WCW used to recycle the shit out of their music.  The Hollywood Blondes theme became Austin’s theme, and then became Greg Valentine’s and a few others.  WWE famously turned the Patriot’s song into Kurt Angle’s.  The Hardy Boyz and Holly Cousins’ music are both public domain pieces that were kicking around for years before and can generally be heard on Spike TV’s commercials among other places.  Both are generally used in those “World’s Wildest Police Chases” shows.  There’s many, MANY other examples, though, because it’s an easy way to save money in the days before selling songs on Itunes became yet another revenue stream.