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Rumble Games

Can I suggest a thread for variations of Royal Rumble pools? Here's one our group has used the past couple years:
(Based on five people)
Draw Nos. 1 through 20, four each
Draw Nos. 21 through 30, two each - guaranteeing everyone two of the final 10 evens it out and keeps everyone happy.
First wrestler thrown out - 1 point
Second wrestler out - 2 points
29th wrestler out - 29th points, etc.
Player whose six wrestlers' points add up to the most wins. This version of the game is less labor-intensive than keeping track of who throws out who. You just have to root for your guy to stay in the match.

Do people still do that kind of thing?  Also, the challenge this year is that we are a week out of the show and still have zero idea who’s even entered into the thing.  We know Sheamus, Barrett, R-Truth and Miz and maybe Foley, but that’s it.  Once again I will stress that whoever draws Orton is the guy who will be happiest.