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This Must Happen

From the-w…

Read this on another message board, but my new favourite Royal Rumble scenario is it gets down to two guys (say, Orton and Barrett) with the #30 entrant still to arrive. Orton and Barrett eliminate each other, meaning #30 is the automatic winner. That man is Jericho, who just comes out and cheers, celebrates and cries about his huge Rumble victory.

That is GENIUS.  Given they want Jericho-Punk at Wrestlemania, that gets them there and allows Jericho to back into a title shot without doing anything.  I actually don’t know why someone didn’t try that finish for a Rumble in the past, especially for a heel win. 

The other thing they should try is bringing back the King of the Ring, whereby Jericho cruises to the title on a series of double-eliminations that give him 3 byes all the way to the crown. 

And people will still probably cheer him.

Edit to add:

Hey bro,
The #30 scenario is actually my idea, here is the podcast from last night - do you think you could update your blog to mention that? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Here is audio podcast link: