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Vince Yelling

Hey Scott, kinda obscure question but when did the thing with Vince screaming into the announcer's earpiece start? He started off as a mellow announcer so I doubt he told announcers what to say there and if they went off topic, Vince would elbow them in the ribs or something, and during the Attitude era he had a lot of screentime so it seems doubtful he would have time to tell announcers what to say, it seems the only time he could start doing that would be 2002 when business was down and Vince would lay some of the blame on the announcers for people tuning out out the show or something.

I think it had to do with Michael Cole coming in as the lead announcer, because Vince at least somewhat trusted JR to get things across like he wanted, whereas Cole didn’t really know wrestling for a long time and needed the help. 

Vince in the past decade is a LOT more cartoonishly Vince-like, though, so it was probably something that came with his increasing paranoia and control-freaky nature.