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Hey Scott,

I've been perusing old WCW PPVs and Clashes from the early 90s.  I was watching a Clash 91 match between Beautiful Bobby and, I think Tom Zenk, I can't remember.  What I do remember is JR talking about how Bobby Eaton may have the edge because he's been wrestling more singles matches recently than his opponent.  I was completely drawn in to the match, again like it was a real contest.

What I noticed is the announcing was so much better, the announcing helped the story of the match by calling moves, giving psychology for the moves, and really making it seem real.  Right now, I'm watching a Jericho match from 2009, and there are three announcers with JR, Cole, and Lawler.  I'm 10 minutes in and the first move was just called, but nothing about why he would use this move.  The whole time they've been babbling about the look on Jericho's face.  

What the hell happened to the announcing?

JR stopped doing it, mainly.  Plus the guys doing it now don’t really give a shit about the product, and why would we as a result? 

I do have to give major props to Jeremy Borash, though, because he stepped into the color commentator role on Sunday and KILLED it.  He was reeling off storylines and stuff like how Alex Shelley had only won the X title once in 2003 and therefore was hungry to get another run with it, and he basically made me actually UNDERSTAND a TNA PPV.  It was pretty amazing and I hope they keep using him in that role, because it would make watching Impact so much easier.