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Before Watchmen

Whoops, guess I should finally comment on THIS…

DC recently announced that they're releasing several prequel minis based on the Watchmen characters called "Before Watchmen." Of course, alot of the web is up in arms over it, including Mr. Grouchy himself, Alan Moore.  I'll probably get them, but it's not like I'm super-excited for it, mostly due that I kinda find the orginal story to be overrated.  What's your opinion on it and do you think you'll get them to review?

Alan Moore gets up in arms if his toast is buttered the wrong way.  I don’t know why he’s so damn special that other writers can take a crack at Superman and Batman without the original creators getting all up in arms and yet no one is supposed to be allowed to touch the Minutemen.  Plus he swiped the characters from Charlton anyway! 

As for me, I’m not sinking $200 or whatever it’ll cost to get everything.  The Azzarello stuff, probably, and the Darwyn Cooke books.  I have no interest in Silk Spectre or Dr. Manhattan’s giant blue wang so that’s two easy skips right there.  So I imagine I’ll be getting Minutemen, Comedian, Rorschach and Nite Owl.  Plus really, bitch all you want, but they’ve got Cooke and the Kuberts doing art on these things, so it’s not exactly some fly-by-night hacks working on them.  They’re gonna be GOOD. 

And for those who have recommended it repeatedly, I’m now 7 issues into Irredeemable.  That first issue was the darkest thing I’ve ever seen from a superhero book, and now I can’t stop reading.  I’ll probably try Incorruptible too once I run out of the main books to read.  God bless Mark Waid.