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Best of The Big Four

Hey Scott, been reading you going on 15 some years now. Thanks for always keeping it real.
Quick question for ya....everybody always debates best wrestlemania(either 3 or 17) and the best rumbles(flair win/benoit win/this years) but what would you say are the best summerslam cards and the best survivor series cards? I'm partial to the first survior series but i'm sure there were better. And summerslam, i always liked 98 with taker/austin and hhh/rock ladder match or 2000 with the TLC, the angle/hhh/austin triple threat and Austin/Jericho. Just wondering your opinion

l don’t hardly even remember 2000, but I could watch the first five Summerslams all day long.  And yes, I do own the Summerslam Anthology Volume 1.  98 was pretty great, with the ladder match and Austin-Taker, but I still think for my money 91 is the best one from a personal standpoint.  You’ve got the classic Bret-Perfect title change, Mountie going to jail, Virgil winning the blowoff match against Dibiase, and the wedding of the century. 

Survivor Series has never been a show that I particularly care about, but as cliche as this answer may be, the first one was a HELL of a show.  2001 had a certain charm about it with the Invasion blowoff too, but other than that it’s not traditionally a show that lends itself to greatness.