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Best WCW Show?


WWF fans tend to consider Wrestlemania 17 the pinnacle WWF/WWE ppv  with Austin vs. The Rock, 3-way TLC, Angle vs. Benoit and HHH vs. Taker as the most memorable. What is WCW’s best show? I’m not referring to NWA/WCW as Bash 89 wins that pretty easily, but after watching WCW 91-92 shows, I figure either Superbrawl 2 with Liger vs. Pillman, Rhodes/Windham vs. Austin/Zbysko, Steiners vs. Anderson/Eaton, Rude vs. Steamboat and Sting vs. Luger or Wrestle War 92 with War Games (duh), Z-Man vs. Pillman, Steiners vs. Fujinami and Iizuka. And with a slightly more rabid crowd, I’d give the edge to WrestleWar. What about you?

SuperBrawl II is my personal favorite, but I don’t know that it’s necessarily the best from an overall quality standpoint.  I’d also nominate Bash the Beach 96 for both obvious reasons and the multiple **** matches on the undercard.  Spring Stampede 94 is also a hell of a show.