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Cena/Rock Quickies

Scott, I see a lot of debate over the victor of the WM main.
Doesn't Rock *have* to win in order to ensure a rematch (which has already been signed for WM29)?
He's questioning Cena's status as top-man, so in essence he's the challenger.
Rock has to win for their roles to be reversed next year... Or am I looking at this wrong?

Wait, who said it was already signed for WM29?  And you’d have to think that Cena is going over to make the whole endeavour worthwhile.

Hey Scott--
I couldn't help but notice that on many of the blogs and forums last night, a ton of people were talking about the legitimacy of the Rock/Cena promo. By that, I mean people were making arguments that Rock purposely wrote jokes on his wrist that would be called out by John Cena (as a work). I cannot help but disagree with this, knowing that Rock takes a great deal of pride in his reputation.
Also, I couldn't help but notice that The Rock seemed legitimately upset at Cena's remarks, to the point that he did not even have a comeback to end Raw. He couldn't even come up with a coherent thought, alternating between "The Rock" and "Dwayne Johnson" in his attempt to get Cena back. He was almost like the Presidential Robots from the "Selma's Choice" episode of "The Simpsons", complete with crude malfunctions that caused a short circuit.
The consensus is that The Rock got owned last night. What are your thoughts?

It was a work.  Rock is just that good of an actor.

Hey guys,
Here is a blog post with a pic about the Rock's arm on RAW

Apparently the only thing Rock isn’t awesome at is penmanship.