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Chamber Predictions

Not really much to work for PPV predictions tonight, given that there’s only FOUR matches announced.  Maybe they’ll all be really long.

RAW Chamber match:  CM Punk v. Chris Jericho v. Kofi Kingston v. The Miz v. R-Truth v. Dolph Ziggler

This one seems pretty clear:  Either Punk retains and defends against Jericho at WM, or Jericho wins and defends against Punk.  No other result makes any sense, so we’ll go with Jericho finally getting a meaningful win and yet another World title.  I’m sure Dolph and Kofi will bump all over and make it a good match.

Smackdown Chamber match:  Daniel Bryan v. Big Show v. Wade Barrett v. Great Khali v. Santino v. Cody Rhodes

I totally forgot that Rhodes was even in this thing.  Are these seriously the top six people they could find for a World title match?  Show is already set for WM so he’s out and Khali/Santino/Rhodes are deadwood in this match, so unless they go with the stupid swerve and have Barrett win, or have Christian take out Santino ala Edge and win, it’s D-Bry all the way.

John Cena v. Kane, Ambulance Match. 

Cena wins and then accidentally runs over Zack Ryder with the ambulance.  Expect lots of SPORTS ENTERTAINING no matter what happens.  Probably involving Eve and Ryder and at least one heel turn.

Beth Phoenix v. Tamina

Really?  We’ll say that Nattie farts and costs Beth the title, just because. 

Bonus match guesses:  Sheamus v. Jinder Mahal, Colons v. Usos. 

Still, I’ve got the day off and will probably order this one, so hopefully everyone’s on their game tonight.