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Chamber Quickies

You reviewing shows again has coincided with my return to watching wrestling, so thank you! It adds to my enjoyment. I left circa 2007 and summer of punk hooked me back in. This was my first elimination chamber ppv and I had a few quickies for you:

1-When a wrestler sells a bump in the Elimination Chamber, he does so for a LONG time while other stuff is going on. Does this kind of devalue the normal match flow where a guy might sell a move for a few seconds? I mean, there were moments last night where a guy would disapear for 5 minutes on the outside. I can't really decide if it makes sense for the context of Satan's Prison or whatever they call it, or if it devalues normal selling.

2-I like the concept of the chamber ppv but it sort of seems lost in between Rumble and Mania. Do you think it would be better served to move this show to the summer, maybe have the winners of each brand get title shots at Summer Slam?

3- Can Nataty Neidhart ever recover from the gimmick of the farting diva? And how mad must Bret be that they fired his nephew, DH Smith and turned his niece into the farting diva!

1.  It doesn’t make sense, it’s just sloppy match layout, although to be fair it’s endemic to multiple man matches as a whole these days.  The “toss a guy out of the ring so the other two guys can work” spot is a major pet peeve of mine and i wish they’d figure out better ways to deal with it.  Even worse, Jericho was out for like 5 minutes before the medical professionals realized he needed to get out of there.  I’m surprised Dr. James Andrews didn’t just come out there and tell him to tape it up and work through it.  At any rate, most of the better Chambers, those in the ****1/2 range, feature better pacing and more stuff going on than these ones did. 

2.  I like that idea a lot, actually.  They really need to space out the important concepts so they don’t have a dead zone in the summer and this would be a fine way to give Summerslam some importance again.  Or even run it at Summerslam and give the title shots at Survivor Series, the Chamber is a dead issue as far as boosting the buyrate anyway. 

3.  I’m sure Bret knows the deal with what amuses Vince by now.  Although I think Kidd and Nattie would be better off going to ROH or something so they can develop more.  Jobbing on Superstars every week isn’t doing either of them any favors.