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Changing Minds, Part II

With hindsight being 20/20, if you could change ONE Wrestlemania card in history, which would it be?  I mean a basic realignment, not adding/substracting guys from other promotions and such.  Example, some people like the idea of a revisionist WM8: Hogan-Flair, Savage-Roberts, Undertaker-Sid.
Wrestlemania XIX always comes to mind for me:
Stone Cold -vs.- Hulk Hogan
Kurt Angle -vs.- Brock Lesnar, WWE Title
Shawn Michaels -vs.- The Rock
HHH -vs.- Chris Benoit, WORLD Title

That redone WM8 is a heck of an idea, actually. 

I think a new version of WM4 might have worked better, to make it less boring.  Hogan v. Andre II, Dibiase just defending his World title against Randy Savage (with a #1 contender tournament running on Superstars leading up to the show) instead of doing the tournament, Steamboat v. Valentine as a standalone match… I dunno, tournaments are awesome, but that show needed some serious editing. 

I’d also change the two shows where Cena did jobs, because an undefeated Cena eventually going up against undefeated Undertaker would mean way more than whatever momentary rub Miz got from going over (and then losing the next month anyway) or Orton got from going over (and then losing the next month anyway).