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CM Punk v. Chris Brown

Hey Scott,

I thought the CM Punk/Chris Brown Twitter war would be grounds for a good discussion.

Here is the full timeline so far:

I see many people praising Punk and cheering him on for this, but to me it just seems like yet another wrestler screaming for some attention in the media. Someone in the comments also made pretty apt comparisons between Brown and Steve Austin (whom Punk idolises and wears the merchandise of)- Both having been in trouble with the law for leaving a woman bruised and bleeding. 

What are your own thoughts on the matter?

I agree, it sounds like Punk looking for media attention, especially when, as noted by another poster who e-mailed me too, he only seems to hate the woman-beaters who he can’t make money wrestling against.  Plus it’s been a few years now since the original crime; it’s a little late to start calling the guy out for his actions unless Punk has some secret info about other victims of Chris Brown.   Steve Austin’s own behavior was a major reason why I stopped considering myself a fan of his at the time, and although I still appreciate what he does on an artistic level I just can’t bring myself to support him any more the way I used to.   

Maybe Punk has some endgame we don’t know about here, but it just comes off as another cry for attention from WWE.