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Everyone Wants To Be The Rock

Hey Scott,
Discussion fodder for the blog:
The Observer is reporting that quite a few people aren't exactly happy that the Rock is getting so much air time since he's only a part-timer, and that his exposure could go to someone who's up-and-coming, while others have no problem with it since the Rock (allegedly) = more views = more money (see Survivor Series '11, though).
Your lifelong bromance with all things Rock aside, what's your take on the situation?  Are there some nuggets of truth in Cena's stance, and is the catering to the Rock out of line and undeserved?  Or can it be assumed that anyone who speaks out against the Rock simply is showing signs of sour grapes, and that Rock has earned the right to do damn well whatever he pleases, which includes coming and going at whim?
And to really play devil's advocate, is Rock's behavior any different from some of Hogan's more questionable political maneuvers? One could argue that the spotlight is offered to Rock and he accepts it, while Hogan demands it whether or not anyone wants to give it to him.  But on the other hand, one could argue Cena's point that Rock's acceptance of the spotlight is awfully convenient for whatever his current project happens to be.

Too fucking bad for the locker room if it’s convenient or not.  Rock brings ratings and buys, something that NO ONE in WWE has been able to do for a few years now, and that equals a big fat paycheck for everyone at Wrestlemania.  So they can suck it up.  I really don’t get the WWE mentality whereby once you’re a WWE wrestler, you’re somehow indebted to them for a lifetime of servitude at their whim forever and ever.  I didn’t hear Vince McMahon complaining about how Rock was “turning his back” on WWE when he got an executive producer credit on all of Rock’s movies and made a slice of the profits just by virtue of having Rock under contract.  And I bet if Rock somehow agreed to do one of WWE Films’ shitty D-level movies and suddenly made them profitable, we wouldn’t be hearing about how being a big Hollywood star makes him this untouchable diva. 

You know what’s funny about the whole thing?  Cena’s stance is that Rock is tough to get a hold of and he’s a man of the people, entertaining them night in and night out.  But have you ever tried to actually get a WWE Sports Entertainer Of The People to appear on a radio show or interview them?  YOU CAN’T.  Vince McMahon rules their publicity with an iron fist and you have to jump through a million hoops or be a dying kid in order to even get a comment from them.  They are far less accessible than the Rock, who does press and interviews night after night because he’s a charming and nice guy in real life who actually does care about his fans.  Not saying John Cena doesn’t, but WWE does not as an organization.  They care about their fans when it makes them money, of course, but god help you if you happen to cheer for the wrong person or wear the wrong shirt to an event or bring a sign that doesn’t express the proper WWE viewpoint. 

In summary, WWE is full of shit, Rock is awesome, and they should all be bending over and kissing his ass every day he lowers himself to wrestling again and makes them millions of dollars they don’t deserve in the process.