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Fantasy Booking Is...

Hey Scott,

You know I love fantasy-booking, and came up with the card below about a week ago. It's not based 100% on current storylines, but instead just based on the roster that seemed available at the time (including Shaq's rumored involvement). If you could post this, it'd be much appreciated.


Cena (c) vs. Rock
[Story = Punk drops the title to Ziggler at "Royal Rumble", and Ziggler drops the title to Cena in the "Elimination Chamber". I realize that some people think that this match doesn't "need" the title, but I'm of the belief that the biggest match on the card should be for the title, and vice-versa; if the champion isn't, kayfabe, the best wrestler, then why are they champion?]

Bryan (c) vs. Punk
[Story = Bryan is bullied by Henry, and cashes-in the MITB-contract as revenge; he then remains a face, successfully defending against giants like Henry, Show, and Khali. Elsewhere, Punk loses the title to Ziggler at "Royal Rumble", but then enters and wins the "Rumble" itself later in the night, citing that "anybody can enter". Instead of dealing with Ace's crap, though, Punk decides to go after Bryan, with the match being a 1-on-1 "respect" match.]

Taker, Trips, Shaq, Brodus, Ryder vs.
Jericho, Show, Kane, Henry, Nash
[Story = Jericho returns after "Royal Rumble", and announces that he plans on ending the Streak. To ensure victory, though, Jericho gathers a stable of heels - all of whom previously lost to Taker at WM - to attack Taker beforehand. Out of respect, Trips volunteers to help his fellow veteran; Brodus wants to do the right thing, as well as even the odds size-wise; and Ryder wants revenge on Kane for all of the attacks he has endured. At one point, Shaq is in the audience when the heels attack Taker; Shaq hops the rail to help out, earning a spot on the team. Of course, the big question is whether Taker can fully trust Trips. Also, assuming that Shaq isn't part of WM, they could easily sub in Khali.]

Orton vs. Christian
[Story = Christian returns from injury, and wants "one more match" against Orton.]

Kofi-Gabriel (c) vs. Miz-Truth
[Story = WIth Bourne on shaky ground with the company, Kofi names Justin Gabriel as his new partner. Also, while Truth would have still been "wellness'ed", the team "Awesome Truth" wouldn't have been broken-up; Truth simply would have returned after four weeks, and the team would continue as always.]

Otunga (w/ Laurinaitis) vs. Sheamus (w/ Long)
[Story = Sheamus hasn't won the "Rumble", but is still a face climbing the ranks. In this inter-promotional match, Sheamus would decimate Otunga in under a minute, continuing his climb back to the top.]

Foley, Goldust, Lawler, Booker, Regal (w/ Ross) vs.
Ziggler, Cody, Swagger, Barrett, McIntyre (w/ Cole)
[Story = Simple "old vs. young" storyline, with Ziggler as US-champ and Cody as IC-champ.]

Phoenix (c) vs. Kharma
[Story = The dominant Phoenix thinks there are no challengers left, only for Kharma to return.]

Santino vs. Kidd vs. Tatsu vs. Jimmy vs. Jey vs.
Primo vs. Epico vs. Tatsu vs. Jtg vs. Barreta
[Story = The cruiser-title is reinstated, both as a means to give several talented wrestlers something to do, as well as to reestablish the cruiser division so that they can do the big Rey/Cara match at WM29.]


So there you go, nine matches, all with simple, logical build, and most of which I think would provide REALLY good in-ring content.

I'm a diplomatic guy most of the time, so I'll just note that I'd shoot myself if I had to sit through three multi-man matches and a David Otunga singles appearance at Wrestlemania and leave it at that.  And nobody wants to see the Cruiserweight title resurrected, especially with that field.  Trust me.  Plus I've had enough Orton v. Christian for 15 lifetimes, let it die.

I would not buy this show, sorry.