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HHH And The Rock

Two questions that have nothing to do with each other:
1.  Everyone has complained for years about how Triple H was booked, but with the benefit of hindsight, is there anything you'd really change?  He lost to taker at WM17 (thanks to his friend, granted), keeping the streak alive.  He won at 18, but nobody really cares because that feud was terrible.  He beat Booker T, but it wasn't like Booker T was ever going to be the biggest star ever.  Then he put over Benoit.  Twice.  Then he MADE Batista.  Then he put over Cena (who was already over, but still).  Really, the only things I can think of that the net might hold against him are not jobbing at the right time to Goldberg (who left anyways), not jobbing to RVD (who was stupid and blew his shot),  and the feud with Orton being booked poorly (though Orton managed to survive).  On the other hand, he helped make multiple stars by staying strong and jobbing clean at the right time.  So in hindsight, was Triple H booked correctly all along?
He shouldn't have gone over Punk though...
2.  With everyone debating the Rock returning, aren't we all overlooking the biggest point.  I learned from you long ago the the most important thing in wrestling is MAKING MONEY.  I'm sure there are lots of guys who have put in more work than the Rock lately, but they won't draw like him and if put in his place, the WWE would lose money.  Honestly, why is anyone bitching? Vince is simply doing what will make him, and all those wrestlers people are feeling sorry for (since they get a cut of the gate), MORE MONEY.  I feel like this should be a dead issue after last year's WM buyrate...

1.  We don’t get many HHH apologist e-mails here at the blog, so kudos for taking that stand.  But no, HHH booked himself way too strongly especially given how bored the fanbase was with his act by 2003.  And you can say that “Booker wasn’t going to be the biggest star ever”, but you know what WOULD have made him a bigger star?  Going over HHH at Wrestlemania after weeks of thinly veiled racist remarks to get his revenge.  Which he didn’t ever get.  Oh, and don’t forget that HHH also destroyed Kane after weeks of building HIM up, albeit with the stupid Katie Vick angle.  It’s funny, because they’re so PPV-centered with everyone else and we get match-rematch-rematch-rematch to stretch things out as far as possible all the time, but with HHH it was “Babyface gets one shot, gets destroyed and pinned clean with the Pedigree, now we need someone else”.  So it’s wonderful that HHH made Batista into a giant star, but it would have been nice if he had shown a little more ass in the preceding three years so that the babyfaces didn’t look like giant nerds.

2.  You’d think that would be the case, but apparently there’s STILL bitching going on.  I don’t get it.