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Hogan v. Austin

How come we never saw the big Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan dream match in WWE circa 2002-2003?  After the success of Rock-Hogan at WM18, it seemed like a natural to run Austin-Hogan at either SummerSlam 2002 or WM19 (instead of Rock-Austin and Hogan-Vince).  I remember reading somewhere that Austin did not want to work with Hogan, but it seems like one of those can't-miss paydays.  Obviously it would not have been good from a technical standpoint, but it's one of those that would just be worth it as a spectacle (like Rock-Hogan or HBK-Hogan).  The two biggest stars ever headlining WM19 would have been epic, especially as Austin's last match.  Was there any official reason this never happened?

Yeah, Austin actually talked about it at one point.  Basically he felt like he would have been second fiddle to Rock in the nWo feud, and they couldn’t work out who was going to do the job.  To this day I’m frankly shocked they got Hogan to do as many jobs in 2002 as they did, and obviously Austin wasn’t high on their protection list at that point given all the jobs they asked him to do.  So from Austin’s perspective it was probably for the best. 

But yeah, they would have done MONSTER business.  Actually they probably could have done it at Summerslam 2002.