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A Jarrett-ish Question


A much younger version of myself was at the Royal Rumble in 1994. I chanted for Diesel. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. I had just watched the entire Civic Center turn on one of my favorite wrestlers for kicking that selfish, no good older brother of his when he had every right to. Then I watched another one of my favorite wrestlers get gang murdered (?). I was 12 years old, had been looking forward to seeing not just the WWF but a PPV in person, and was mere minutes away from one of the biggest cop-outs in PPV history (TNA doesn't count). So I chanted for Kevin Nash. I can't un-do it. There you have it.

About that Undertaker finish, maybe it was the fact that I wanted so badly to enjoy the WWF at the time, and I was young, but I actually kind of bought it. That just shows how dedicated to a product a wrestling fan can be, and how low a company has to sink to finally scare them off. They finally lost me around the time Bret and Lawler were touring the country doing "Kiss My Foot" matches, and I came back in time for the Attitude Era.

As for Jeff Jarrett, I've noticed that you like to refer to him as someone who has achieved beyond his talents. To me that seems different than over rated, because you're looking primarily at accomplishments, namely title reigns and money matches. If you were to construct a list of the top achieve beyond their talents wrestlers, who is on it?

Sid? Nash? As much as I'd love to throw HHH on there, the fact is when paired with the right guy he can go. JBL only really had one go at the TOP, but it was a really long run because HHH "didn't want to work Tuesdays". 

Anyway, just curious who'd you would list.

In defense of HHH, Tuesdays can be tough to get your head around.  Yeah, it’s after Monday, but then there’s still the whole rest of the week to go.

Nash is a pretty talented guy in terms of charisma and understanding how to build a match, he’s just really lazy.  So I wouldn’t necessarily say his run at the top was unwarranted or anything.  JBL, definitely.  Also DDP, who was never what you’d call “talented” but had all the right connections and a good work ethic.  Booker T was really good, but not a 5-time World champion level good. 

But that’s the thing with wrestling – it’s more about being in the right place at the right time lots of times.  Much like Honky Tonk Man, you need to be lucky to be good and vice-versa.