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Kassius…OH NO!

Does the WWE have a list of names they created just sitting around and assign them to whoever goes through developmental, or is everything thought of on the fly.  For instance, is Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose simply because of the order he came into the company, or did they look at him and then their list of names and figure that was the best fit?
I bring this up after seeing the horrendous Kassius Ohno name.

I don’t know what the fuck they think about anymore.  You’d think HHH would know better, but truly this is a company of people who apparently never watched wrestling before.  Generally these days the names are a combination of inside jokes or trying to find things that are seemingly so ridiculous that the people wouldn’t want to take them onto the indy scene if they ever left again.  I’m assuming that they’re paying tribute to Cassius Clay and going to give Hero a knockout gimmick or something, but Ohno?  Claudio I can kind of understand because “Castanogli” isn’t an easy name to deal with.  But changing Tyler Black to Seth Rollins?  Why even bother?  The best wrestling name they’ve come up with in the past few years is Ricardo Rodriguez and he’s not even a wrestler.  They’re basically costing themselves money because no one in their right mind wants to wear a t-shirt for “Dean Ambrose” (who sounds like the bad guy in an 80s college farce movie) or “Seth Rollins” (who sounds like the guy from Best Buy who comes to fix your computer).  These people really need someone to go over the Howard Finkel Test with them before they come up with this shit.