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Notable Comics This Week

Once again, just more of a free-from thoughts on stuff I’ve read recently rather than an actual column of reviews.

- I am now caught up with Irredeemable and I’m kinda on the edge of my seat wondering what’s going to happen in the final few issues.  The Plutonian is a REALLY complex character and it’s been a hell of a ride thus far, even if the middle portion on the prison planet kind of felt like a big time-filler.  The twists and turns in this series have been so astonishingly great that I really hope that Waid can wrap it up in style, hopefully without resorting to something like Qubit going back in time and erasing Tony’s birth or something like that.  I’d rather not have any time travel cheats to end things.

- Batwoman was still good minus JH Williams on art, but now it feels a lot more cartoony and comic-booky and it kind of slipped a level.  I liked all the stuff going on, but the artwork really used to elevate even a mediocre story and now it’s kind of out there to sink or swim on its own. 

- Animal Man and Swamp Thing remain the best one-two punch of the week right now.  I just loved the “Tights” mini-movie because it felt like such a different way to tell a story, although Travel Foreman will be missed on art.  And Swamp Thing is just killing it, as you can feel Alec’s desperation to become Swamp Thing at the end again and frustration when it doesn’t work out that way. 

- Action Comics #6 was a major step down.  Grant Morrison varies wildly between fun storytelling (All-Star Superman) and impenetrable claptrap (Final Crisis) and this was veering dangerously close to the latter because I have fucking clue what was supposed to be happening in this comic.  We’ve got the origin story, armored Superman, adult Legion, flashbacks, Kryptonite people…everything just jammed into one book and by the time Superman was crawling for the rocket I was totally lost trying to figure out what he was supposed to accomplish.  I’m hoping it gets back to Golden Age Superman again soon, but I’ve heard that ends after #7 anyway and it’s all uptight Jim Lee Superman from then on. 

- I should also point out that I’ve read Batman #5 several times now, and I never do that.  It just keeps drawing me back in even weeks later. 

- Scarlet Spider continues to impress.  As does Hulk.  Deadpool #50 was much more fun and enjoyable than the terrible Musical Issue, although I don’t read X-Force so I felt like I was missing something there. 

That’s all I got this time out!