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Plug-A-Thon 1!

Hey Scott,

Long time fan. Tonight... in This Very Ring is still one of my favorite reads, and your old rants still keep me entertained despite having read some of them damn near 100 times. Wondering if you'd mind plugging my newest endeavour, the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast. It's me and two long-time friends just talking old and new wrestling with lots of funny stories and great guests. We actually have a full schedule of guests we're lining up for the next few months, including Pat Buck (who will be on with us tonight), Pinkie Sanchez, "Primetime" Sam Roberts, Drew Gulak, Johnny Mangue, and lots of others. We're even working on getting the Great Power Uti! Would love to have the great SK on someday soon as well if you're interested. We post new episodes every Thursday night, and sometimes do bonus shows, like our own version of MST3K or $5 Wrestling.

Anyway, we're at and on iTunes as the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast. Thanks!

-Tony Z

I’m still trying to figure out a format and schedule for my own sad little podcast attempt.