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Podcast Plug

Hi Scott,

Big fan, been reading your stuff since Rantsylvania, which probably makes both of us feel old. I was wondering if you would be inclined to plug my podcast, The Vs. Podcast, on your blog. My co-host Pyg and I take fictional characters from comics, movies, etc., and debate who would win in a fight. We strive to be thoughtful, funny and interesting and not just two morons yelling at each other like ESPN hosts. We've done both obvious fights (Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds) and less obvious ones (Marvel's Thor vs Cthulhu). I thought the John Connor vs Marty McFly episode might be right up your alley. Our next episode, Skynet vs. the Matrix, is posting on February 6th, and for those who are hesitant to invest in a podcast hosted by two guys they've never heard of, we have a 3 minute promo clip on the website. 

We can be found at, on iTunes (The Vs. Podcast) and on Twitter (@thevspodcast).

Thank you sir!

You’re welcome!  I’d totally take Skynet, by the way, because it’s self-aware and should outrank the Matrix.