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Hi Scott,
Long term reader and fan with a few random questions:
1. If Cena-Rock had never been agreed for Mania this year what do you think Cena would be doing instead? A re-hash of the Punk feud? Involvement in the Shaq angle or something?
2. Is it true that Alberto Del Rio basically wrote his own contract with WWE and played hardball for months before signing? If so, then why were they so specifically keen to get him?
3. What do you think is the greatest gimmick to have never been done? I've always had my fingers crossed that a Spinal Tap-style rocker who genuinely thinks it's 1985 will surface.

1.  If I was to retroactively book backwards based on not having the Rock, I would have had Mark Henry still win the World title from Randy Orton as before, and then demolish everyone for months without losing the title until finally John Cena was the guy to beat him.  I wouldn’t have been fond of it as a fan speaking personally, but I think that’s where the money would be.   

2.  They had really high hopes for Del Rio to kickstart their business in Mexico in a big way.  Of course, once they got down there they got bored with the whole notion and basically forgot why they wanted Del Rio to be the champion so badly in the first place, but that was the intention at least.  I don’t know about ADR’s contract situation specifically, but yeah, there was a lot of hoops to jump through on both sides for whatever reasons. 

3.  Isn’t that Bret Michaels?  Wait, I guess wrestlers do less steroids than him so he wouldn’t count.