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So I’m watching Vintage Collection last night, with “Great rivalries” as the theme, and it’s a hell of a show.  You’ve got a long awesome Rock N Roll v. Midnights match from the Bash 87 tour which I had never seen before, and as a quick aside this show is amazing because normally the DVD guys go for the lazy pick like their subpar match from the Bash 87 videotape instead of a lost classic from syndicated TV like the Vintage crew does.  Plus there’s Dusty & Dustin v. Dibiase & Virgil from MSG instead of from Rumble 91, and that’s a pretty good match.  But the highlight for me was the Lita v. Trish title match that opened the show.  It was from RAW in December 2004 and I don’t know if I wasn’t recapping at that point or what because my archive stops at November 29 2003, but holy shit what a great women’s match that was.  It was EVIL CHAMPION Trish with the noseguard against spunky challenger Lita, and it made today’s divas look like even more rank amateurs than they normally do.  Trish was doing all this amazing subtle heel stuff like the reveal of her undamaged nose and then nailing Lita with the noseguard for a near-fall, or using the ropes for a near-fall at just the right moment, and their timing was incredible.  Given that it was 7 years ago I didn’t even remember who won so I was right into the match and popping with the crowd for stuff like Lita countering the Matrix and her big comeback to win the title clean.  And there was an insane dive where Lita did a tope suicida and literally landed on her head and nearly folded in half.  Just nuts.  It was just crazy good, like a legit **** match, and I know I used to give Lita shit on a regular basis as a worker but this was like the best night of her life.  Plus even at her worst she was still way better than anyone in the division today.  Plus Trish in the tracksuit…YOWZA.  She could make anything work.  This was awesome is what I’m saying.  Anyone have a copy of my rant or did I just stop around that point?

Second thing, please do check out the WWE’s Youtube show Are You Serious?  The most recent episode has Josh and Road Dogg riffing on the BEACH BLAST MINI MOVIE and it’s pretty funny.  However, the reason I’m plugging this again is the goddamn HHH muppet, because it just SLAYS me every time.  Whoever is voicing that thing is a genius, because they have the cadence and tone just perfect and it’s the kind of goofy comedy that they normally fuck up but they get exactly right here.  Once HHH loses at WM and is off TV again, this thing needs to be on RAW to torture people.