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Ratings Plug

Just had a couple of things, one question and one re-plug:

1) Do you or any of the bloggies know of any site that has a comprehensive listing of all the WWE roster changes since the brand extension, including brand changes, draft results and WWE releases?

2) Just wanted to let everyone (specifically anyone new to your blog) know that this site ( is still online. It has been recently updated (on 2/1/12) to include all new rants in the archives section (including updated links with the 2011 and 2012 "Scott Sez" redo's) and all ****+ ratings included. Thanks a lot and hope you still have the site favorited Scott and hope it comes in handy often.

1)  No idea.

2)  You can also add Punk v. Cena from MITB as a ***** match.  Odd that there wasn’t any of them between 2004 and 2009, actually.  That’s quite the drought.  Keep up the good work on stalking me, it’s pretty darn useful!