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Real Tuff

Don’t know if this is how to start a thread or not but, I’m figuring, if it’s interesting enough, you’ll get it to the right place.

Anyway, I was reading some rather amusing posts about HBK and the Bulldog getting their ass handed to them by a bunch of Marines in New York and what “really” happened – One poster astutely pointed out there are no bases near there and it would’ve been a bunch of soldiers on leave that beat our boys up – One problem with that, who the fuck goes to upstate New York on leave? – The discussion started with who is a legitimate bad ass in wrestling – Some dumbshit mentioned Shawn for getting into a brawl with said Marines and the discussion devolved from there – A few intelligent people pointed out that Kurt Angle would probably kick ass on almost anybody (a belief that I hold) – Others mentioned Harley Race and Meng and a few others (for the record, I wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with Vern Gagne, Lou Thesz, Jack Brisco, Dory and Terry Funk, Danny Hodge, Rick and Scott Steiner and Stu Hart to name a few) – Some said that an MMA fighter’s training would be useless in a barfight because there are no rules – I have one question to ask them – What the Fuck??? They’ve obviously never been in a bar or any other fight; believe it or not, I’ve been in plenty of both and I find their remarks laughable – Skill counts for a lot – As does inherent toughness – Any asshole can put on a Tapout shirt  and take a few jujitsu classes and think he’s a fighter – Wrestle your whole life and then go learn submissions and how to strike – How many of you have really been into a real fight? Not many, from what I’ve read – Ain’t about being tough, it’s about not being afraid – So what do you think, Scott? Who’s really tough in the world of fake wrestling?

You got a bit ramble-y there but we’ll give it a go.

UFC fighters abide by rules because they have to.  You can be damn sure that if a world-class martial artist wanted to make you scream in pain in a barfight, he’d just have to grab a finger and snap it. 

Anyway, as for wrestling, Meng was always the guy with the best rep among wrestlers, although I don’t know that there was actual evidence behind that.  The shooters definitely knew how to take care of themselves, although these days there’s not the same paranoia so guys are seemingly unprepared in case of a shoot.  Just ask Bret Hart and Kurt Angle.