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Road to Wrestlemania RAW Open Thread

And we're back. I didn't do the 2010 Elimination Chambers because the WWE is protecting them like FBI files. Seriously they are letting at least two dozen full shows run on YouTube but try finding Part 3 of the RAW Elimination Chamber. Sucks because I was feeling the match too.

As for last night I thought both Chambers stuck around the ***1/2 area and the rest was crap. The Jericho stuff was a little strange but then I remember that the idea is to get CM Punk over as the best in the world since Jericho will be gone in a few months.

Jericho appears to be to Punk what...the Iron Sheik was to Sting in 1989. Fodder with a name. Only difference is we'll get a 30-minute, ****1/2 classic match out of them in five weeks. I don't mind it either because I'd like to see a dominant champion that defends his title and wins cleanly in great matches. Seriously what's there to bitch about?

Anyway should be an eventful night as we've got a lot to get solved in the next few weeks. Come out swinging, keep it clean, yadda yadda yadda.