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Rock On RAW

Hey Scott,

Here's a question for the BoD: I assume Rock is not going to stick around post-WM as a full-timer. If you're Vince, how do you not book a Rock-Cena rematch for the 2nd Raw after WM? If Rock's leaving for (basically) good and will not be around for the next PPV, why not have Rock-Cena II on Raw and see what kind of rating you'll pop? (Obviously you can't have the rematch on the Raw immediately after WM because then it'll rip off the people who paid for the PPV, but the 2nd Raw after WM... won't rip them off... as much.)

Sure, and then you can withdraw $20,000,000 in potential PPV revenue for that rematch, cash it into hundreds, and then put the money in a box and burn it on the next RAW, because that would probably get the same rating and be about the same thing as running Rock v. Cena on RAW.

They don’t need to have Rock wrestling to pop a rating.  Rock draws ratings just by appearing and having him wrestle won’t appeal to any bigger chunk of the fanbase.  The goal is to take those 4 million people watching the show and get them to pay to watch Rock wrestle.  Although the WWE might be that stupid, Rock is not, and he knows the downside to degrading his drawing power by wrestling on TV again.  Plus he’s one of the only guys with the leverage to tell Vince to go fuck himself if need be.  Never happen in a million years.

Edit to add:  I just noticed that my auto-tagger interpreted "rip" as "RIP".  I guess it gets used so much that the blog just assumes now...