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Stop Gawking At The Rock

Hey, let’s revisit the petty doofuses v. The Rock feud again, just for fun and because it drew a crazy amount of pageviews the other day. 

Dave Meltzer actually had a great lengthy diatribe on last night’s radio show (complete with zillions of trademark “Um, I don’t know, you know?” moments so you KNOW he was worked up) where he basically talked about how guys currently in the business don’t really KNOW the business.  As an example, he cited how WWE basically took 10% of the house show revenues that would normally go to the workers and shifted it to the money-losing divisions in order to make their profit margins look better, and how 20 years ago this sort of thing would have triggered a mutiny.  Now, the guys are just happy for their job and don’t even say anything about it.  This all stemmed from Rock tweeting that the backstage haters (of which there are a lot, many of whom personally spoke to Meltzer about their feelings and pissed him off quite a lot in the process) didn’t actually understand the business they are a part of. 

Here’s an example I was thinking of to illustrate how retarded the “Oh, he didn’t shake my hand backstage, wah wah!” crowd has become.  Imagine if, in 1987, these same people had started whining that Andre the Giant was just a part time guy who was off making movies and didn’t deserve that spot against Hulk Hogan headlining Wrestlemania III because he wasn’t coming back to wrestle full-time like Don Muraco or Tito Santana.  They would be rightly bitchslapped like the whiny little girls they are because the business is about MAKING MONEY and people used to understand that.  Hell, I hate Hogan as much as anyone, but even I understood that Hogan selling out arenas meant Randy Savage made more money losing to him. 

So once again, FUCK OFF if you don’t love the Rock.  And go buy his new DVD.