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Summer of Punk

I missed out on the Summer of Punk. What's the best way to catch all the
I realize the Money in the Bank PPV is probably a good place to start,
but I'm also interested in seeing how it unfold on RAW, not just random
clips of chair shots weirdly recolored, in music video format (the kind
of recap WWE is known for).
Is there a Best of CM Punk DVD out that covers the general storyline, or
maybe one in the works?

No, but that Dr. Horrible mashup I posted a couple of weeks ago is FANTASTIC.  Especially now that I’ve watched the original show and get how perfectly it matches up to Punk.  The only thing missing is Punk’s sad face at the end of Summerslam when NPH ends with “…feel a thing”.

A rare second plug from me because it’s so good.  You can also find the Punk-Cena match on Dailymotion and other less reputable places, and it’s also well worth a watch.