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Hi Scott. I have some basic terminology questions here.

1. Is there a difference between "calling" a match and "carrying" one?

2. If so, is it possible to both call a match for someone and still be carried by them?

1.  Yeah, totally different concepts.  Calling a match is when one guy, generally the heel, decides what the series of moves is going to be on the fly.  It’s actually becoming something of a lost art given the overproduced nature of the product with the generic underwear models who need their hand held by the agents before every match.  Carrying a match generally means that you’re doing the actual work and attempting to make the other guy look like he’s the one doing it.  Shawn Michaels was of course one of the best at that, as you could put him in there with guys like Batista or Chris Masters and he would take big bumps and control the flow of the match so they wouldn’t get exposed. 

2.  Absolutely.  The guy calling the match is just saying what individual moves he wants to happen, but it’s up to both guys to execute them.