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UFC 144

That was a HELL of a show tonight.  Thank god they finally found someone with charisma to get the title off of Frankie Edgar, because Frankie is a great fighter but he’s death for PPV.  I anxiously await Clay Guida stringing together another couple of wins so he can finally get a title shot and we can get the rematch against Henderson.  Bader dominated Rampage and looked more like himself again instead of the guy losing fluke fights to Tito Ortiz.  Sexyama continues to impress even when losing and will probably save his job by that virtue, but man he looked skinny as fuck at welterweight.  I still don’t get the big deal with Jake Shields and this wasn’t a particularly dominating victory or anything, but they desperately need contenders until GSP gets back.  And yeah, Mark Hunt knocked Cheick Kongo THE FUCK OUT, something which has been really tough to do even with Kongo’s somewhat hot-and-cold streaks.  I haven’t watched the prelims yet on the DVR, but even without them this is a stone cold thumbs up show and well worth checking out, and it’s got a crazy good main event.  GET ALL THIS.