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We Will, We Will…line?

Hello Scott,
Quick question for you that may generate some discussion for your blog in a good way.  I recently got a Roku and am impressed with it.  TNA has their OnDemand service on there and its a love/hate thing with me.  I love having access to their PPV's that I've never seen and can't seem to find anywhere else. Having never watched anything from the first Asylum days, I tried watching it but the quality was shittier than a camcorded-YouTube copy off a TV.  I picked Unbreakable 2005 with Joe, Styles & Daniels in the main event and I thought the quality on there was good at points, shitty at other times, but maybe its my lovely rural internet connection I have. Of course, it could just be TNA, too.
Anyway, as to the subject, I think the WWE would be better off setting up their network via Roku & other smart TV devices on a paid subscription basis. They have just about every library to tap into for shit to show and have their own mini Netflix streaming service with such a channel.  TNA has theirs set at $3.99/month or lower rates if you go in 3, 6, and 12 month packages.  I tried the 6 month package to start it out.  So, they could easily make it affordable. There seems to be a lot of people cutting cable and going to Roku's anyway, which is what I'm considering in doing soon. Do you think WWE would be wiser to go this route, than trying to start up a whole cable channel?  Roku seems to have a shitload of channels out there for a multitude of viewing choices, it must be affordable for all those channels to operate, so I think WWE fits right in with this.  Even the GFL channel has indy wrestling feds showing their shows on there from the past, too many to mention.  I just think a WWE channel on Roku would be a good start for what they want to do.  Thoughts?

If we’re going to do a list of “Things smarter than starting up the WWE Network” then we’ll be here all day.

Anyway, streaming on demand usage of the WWE library?  FUCK YEAH.  This is what us wrestling nerds have been saying that they should do for years.  $8 a month for Netflix is an awesome deal as it is, and I’d totally pay a similar monthly fee to WWE for that kind of unlimited streaming access.  Put RAW and Smackdown and their other shows on a one-day delay even, I’ll all over that shit.  They could even strike a deal with ROH to distribute their stuff too, I’d bet.