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Wrestlemania Paydays

Hi Scott,
Long time reader, i've been rewatching some old Wrestlemanias and there seems to be a number of multi-man matches put togetehr just to get guys a Wrestlemania payday. I don't mean MITB because that actually matters, but stuff like battle royals, 8 man tag team matches, etc. Do you know if there is every any unhappiness from guys higher up the Wrestlemania card that after they worked hard got over and performed in what can be a very long Wrestlemania match, other guys got to share their payday just for being employed. Really who bought Wrestlemania XX for the chance to see Garrison Cade?

Let’s not speak ill of the dead here.  Unless it’s someone more hilarious. 

Anyway, being upset at those guys getting their one big payoff a year would make the upper card guys huge assholes, especially since the share of the revenue going to a Randy Orton is going to be much much bigger than a Beth Phoenix or Santino.  Like, I don’t know actual numbers, but just to spitball some stuff we’ll say an Orton would make anywhere up to $100K in PPV revenue from working the show, whereas Santino would be more like $5K – $10K.  Not retirement money, but not too shabby for a one minute appearance in a battle royale, ya know?  Plus Vince is known for being pretty generous with the revenue distribution for Wrestlemania, so I’m pretty sure that the main event guys aren’t too worried about losing out on their fair share.