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Wrestlemania Questions

Hey Scott. Some thoughts, and some questions.
1)Everyone is bitching about The Rock being on the card at WrestleMania. This
is because they view him as an old wrestler coming back and taking a spot. But
really The Rock is more of a celebrity than a former wrestler. I actually look
at this more along the lines of Mayweather's WrestleMania match, than having
say Jimmy Snuka (Tamina is his daughter) return for a high-profile match this

Yeah, but Rock’s doing another couple of matches over the next year, so it’s hard to classify him as a celebrity, exactly.  Still, the people bitching are clearly wrong.

2)Do you think this will be Undertaker's last year? Reaching 20-0 is an
achievement no one will ever come close to, but they will probably try and
milk The Streak till he's dead.

I’m sure that as long as Undertaker can go a year between matches to rest up, he’ll be fine for a while. 

3)Vince has always really only cared about the Main Event. However, I still
think they should have given more(any) time to building matches for Swagger,
Miz, Kingston, Kane, Henry(?). Actually we don't even know if those guys are
ON the card this year! Do you agree, or think they only need to concentrate on
the main events?

They only need to concentrate on the main events.  That’s the reason why people are buying the show.  They’ve got 11 other PPVs to worry about Kofi Kingston.  As long as the top three matches deliver, the rest of the undercard can be dogshit and people will come away happy. 

4)Last year Miz and Del Rio were fighting for World Titles, this year we don't
even know if they're on the card. Do you consider this a problem, and if so is
it their fault or the "Creative Team" or both?

With Miz it’s pretty clearly his own fault in a lot of ways.  Del Rio is injured so it’s hard to really assign fault to that one, but it’s clear that he wasn’t going to be in the title picture much longer anyway.  His character clearly had a shelf life at that level and it’s passed.