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Best Sets

Played WWF No Mercy for the first time in a long time got me thinking: probably the only downside of the WWE's entry into the HD era (2007 I think) is the phasing-out of entrance set pieces. Almost every entrance set piece now consists of just LCD walls and panels. Sucks, too, because the entrance sets really emphasized the theatrics about pro wrestling.  Everything looks so bland, wrestling sucks nowaday, no characters etc etc etc. Wanted to know the favorite entrance sets of yours and readers of the blogs.  Two of the best, I think, were Royal Rumble 2000 and Backlash 2000, two that were faithfully recreated in WWF No Mercy.  They were both ingenious and extremely visual.  Not to exclude WCW, the Bash at the Beach set was always fun.


Oh, WCW had some awesome set visuals.  The Hog Wild set was great, the Spring Break poolside ones were tremendous (can you imagine what the current WWE games could do with that?), the original Spring Stampede sets with the inventive cowboy themes...all good stuff that ended up getting homogenized into the Russo era.  For WWE, I always liked the Backlash set with the giant swinging sickles, and the Over the Edge set where Austin and Dude Love brawled into the junkyard was fabulous too.  Nowadays, as noted, there's barely any whimsy to them aside from new ways to put things on giant video screens.