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Brock v. Taker

" I’m pretty sure that WWE knew that Brock was leaving, but it’s just that WE didn’t.  So I don’t think there were any plans for him. "
I've heard that McMahon had a hard on for matching up Lesnar with the Undertaker. Lesnar and Undertaker were planned to feud after Wrestlemania XX. Lesnar was sick of working with the Undertaker due to his reluctance to job and general difficulty working together. Lesnar was also fed up with other workers such as Undertaker getting lighter schedules when Brock was expected to work the full tilt schedule. The two had a confrontation after a UFC event if you recall.

Um…you know that “confrontation” was a work, right?  And if they really disliked each other, they wouldn’t be setting up a worked pro wrestling match.