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Cena Sucks?

        Most of the Doom Buggies and wrestling fandom in general say the same thing about John Cena: he brings the goods in the ring and can bring the goods on the mic but his promos are staler than week old bread. Someone mentioned on the blog last night that Cena didn't change from rapper to smiley, corny, superman babyface overnight but my memory is that it happened pretty damn fast. Can you tell me at what point it became obvious Cena became stale? And am I wrong or did Cena change from rapper to an earlier incarnation of his current character more gradually? Also, I remember Cena being booed as a face against HBK, HHH, Angle, and Jericho but was there a logical explanation for the fan backlash? I watched at this point but damn if I can remember much. Thanks!

Doom Buggies?  Really?

For me, it was the Kurt Angle feud that made me sick of him.  That was the first point for me where he started doing the pandering schtick and got shown up in the ring by someone really badly.  Kurt Angle was still a really cool guy at that point and Cena just looked like a huge geek by comparison to this badass Olympian who was anklelocking people and trading wins with Undertaker.  The feud just never clicked for me and it got really tiresome, really fast.  I don’t know if it had anything to do with the backlash, as the HHH match at Wrestlemania was really the first time I ever noticed it, but by the RVD match at the ECW show it had become the cool thing, and it might have just taken off from there.