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The Comics Thread

Light week, so I finally got around to catching up with stuff from the past few weeks and then promptly forgot about them.  This writing gig can be tough when you’ve got a short attention span. 

Mainly I want to talk about how much I’m loving Amazing Spider-Man since picking it up with the goofy time travel two-parter.  The Point One issue a couple of weeks ago was probably the best one I’ve read yet, as it actually explained the new status quo for Spidey in a way where I felt like I, as a new reader, was being welcomed into the comic without years of backstory needed.  Plus Spider-Man scoring off Michael Morbius by comparing him to Edward was fantastic.  It really shows that you don’t need to put a new character into the suit in order to breathe new life into it, you just need a writer who gets him and get what works about him.  Then issue 680, with Spider-Man and Human Torch IN SPACE, was great too, especially the bickering over SPOILERS and Johnny lamenting all the TV he missed while dead.  I love light-hearted Spidey, so this and Avenging are a great combination for me. 

Justice League #6 was kind of a tiresome end to the initial arc, as we’re finally to the end of the “Five Years Earlier” formation, and it really didn’t feel like it earned the big finish.  Like I’m sure Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will craft some wonderful big-selling stories when they get to the present time, but there wasn’t anything here that couldn’t have been summed up in a one-page secret origin deal instead.  Plus the ending with the world suddenly accepting “super heroes” felt like they were muddling their muddled continuity even further.  But I liked it well enough, Jim Lee’s army of inkers aside. 

That’s all I got this week, except to add go out and buy Atomic Robo now that it’s completed.