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Crisis On Infinite WWEs

Hello Mr. Keith, long time reader here.  Besides Royal Rumble & Wrestlemania time, and this past Summer of Punk, I really don't bother to pay attention to the WWE because its looked and felt the same for the past couple of years.  I remember that although it wasn't a financially smart move to make Hog Wild & Bash at The Beach 95 free,  your appreciated the efforts of thinking outside the box.  Other examples is Spring Break Nitros and the first Souled Out ppv.  So without thinking with this topic who should be where on the main event, mid-cards and who deserves titles, i offer another point of view, and what really could do the wwe good is a big change in just the over-all look and feel of its live events.  My suggestions:

Title Condensing: Merging the World titles into one, merge u.s. title with intercontinental.  Just have World, IC, Tag-Team, and Womens (i would get rid of it, but I don't think they would ever let it go).

Probably won’t ever happen because they’re deeply ingrained into the habit of having 2 World titles now, but yes, this is obviously the first step they need to take and everyone but them seems to know it. 

One PPV a month only, trying best to have them on the last sunday of the month, with these exceptions:
NO ppv between Royal Rumble & Wrestlemania, but a Saturday nights Main Event in febuary perhaps.  That way you can start the build for the MAIN EVENT (as in last match at wrestlemania), between the current champ and rumble winner, the raw after the rumble.

I personally would cut it down to 8 PPVs a year, and the Chamber in particular needs to go.  8 weeks of hype would be much more effective than shoehorning guys into the Chamber match just for the sake of it.  They’re planning on dumping the B-shows when the Network launches anyway (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  But let’s pretend here), so the revenue hit wouldn’t matter. 

Put Wrestlemania & the Royal Rumble on saturdays.  And i don't see why this would be a problem.  I can much see people wanting to get together at someones house and pay for a 3-4 hour event that starts in the evening, on a saturday as opposed to a worknight because these shows don't start till 7 anyway

The problem is Saturday is UFC’s night now and fans are creatures of habit.  This one wouldn’t work, trust me. 

Hold Summerslam at an outdoor event.  Doesn't have to be WM-Sized stadium show either.  Remember how much the Eliminationm chamber ppv in puerto rico sucked but the crowd was RABID!  Can you imagine that, but right out in the open air.  I know the only drawback is maybe major baseball stadiums wouldn't be so available because the season will still be on.

Outdoor shows are always tricky, and Summerslam is never a guarantee to sell tickets these days.  I think they should save the stadium shows for Wrestlemania to really make it mean something. 

Dump the current gimmick ppvs, bring back King Of The Ring and focus the entire show on the actual tournament.  Aswell as make the Survivor Series about the elimination matches.  That way you got 5 ppvs a year (rumble, wrestlemania, kotr, outdoor summerslam & ss) that standout from the others just by either scale, theme, match set-up

I know people have had a thing about bringing King of the Ring back for a while now, but it needs actual stakes to make people buy it.  Maybe give the winner the title shot at Summerslam? 

I know these wont actually fix the in-ring and promo product, but it is SOMETHING that I think can drastically change the over-all look and perhaps help the booking of this company from what I think cannot get any staler.  With the exception of punk.

Yeah, but all the cosmetic changes in the world can’t make the writing better or guys more over.  As JR might say, a pig in a fancy dress still rolls around in the mud.  Or something.