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Favorite WM Matches

If you were to go back through Wrestlemanias 1-27 what are your favorite matches year-by-year?  Not necessarily the best or 'biggest', just your favorite.

My poor inbox.  I’m trying to post 3 or more e-mail questions per day and I’m still getting way backlogged.  Hopefully Wrestlemania doesn’t bring down the entire server this year.

Anyway, this is another strangely specific question, but I’m always up for a challenge.

1:  Probably the main event. 

2:  Funks v. JYD & Santana.  Tremendously fun tag match.

3:  Piper v. Adonis, for many reasons listed here many times.

4:  Demolition v. Strike Force because I was such a huge Demos mark at the time.

5:  Hogan v. Savage. 

6:  Perfect v. Beefcake.  Great fun, would have made Beefcake into a top tier guy if not for the accident.

7:  Savage v. Warrior, duh.

8:  Piper v. Bret.

9:  Crush v. Doink for the sheer audacity of it.

10:  Bret v. Owen.

11:  Shawn v. Diesel pretty much by default.

12:  Austin v. Savio, the underappreciated.

13:  Austin v. Bret, duh.

14:  New Age Outlaws v. Cactus Jack & Terry Funk as a match, but Rock on the stretcher holding up the belt is great too.

15:  I’ll go with X-Pac v. Shane for being wildly entertaining for what it was.

16:  Hardyz v. Dudleyz v. E&C

17:  Rock v. Austin, duh.

18:  Rock v. Hogan. 

19:  Brock v. Angle.

20:  Rock & Sock v. Evolution

Honestly at this point they start to run together for me and I don’t have specific memories outside of stuff like Hulk Hogan saving Eugene from Muhammad Hassan, so I’ll stop there and maybe hit some points in the rants as they come.