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The First Montreal Question Of The New Blog!

Hey Scott,
Watching the Hart/Michaels rivalry DVD, there's a point where Bret mentions he had already worked well beyond his contractually-obligated dates and could have legally told Vince to take his PPV and shove it, but didn't out of good faith (or something, can't remember exactly why he said he didn't end up doing that).
It's the first I've ever heard of this and, if true, doesn't it give him all the leverage in the world (not even mentioning the creative control clause) to dictate, at least partially, how he wanted to go out? Would he have been black-balled in the business for no-showing, especially in Bret's alleged case where he had already satisfied the terms of his contract and, throughout the years in general, was typically one of the true iron men when it came to working an insane number of dates?
Just curious as to your thoughts on that comment in general since, like I said, I'd never heard that part of it brought up by anyone before, but it seems to possibly paint Bret in a bit of a better light in hindsight.

Well, here’s the tricky thing with that particular contract dispute.  Yes, Bret had creative control over his character, and yes, Bret was only obligated to work a certain number of dates and thus had a huge amount of leverage.  However, you’ll recall that Bret punched Vince in the face after the events went down, which meant that Vince had a very solid case for assault and they would have spent the next millennium tied up in court counter-suing each other, and in the end both decided that the Mexican standoff wasn’t worth pursuing.  Would he have been blackballed?  Doubtful, he was already going to WCW, it’s not like Vince could resent him any more.  People have done WAY worse and gotten back in Vince’s good graces sooner.


  1.  Yeah, Graham is a piece of shit. After Vince forgives him and such, let's him into the HoF, Graham sells his ring and makes a HUGE deal out of Abby getting into the HoF. Plus, from what I've read, he can be a real snake, and always has been.

  2.  I actually am an attorney, licensed and practicing for over a decade - so, yeah.

  3. So am I. Almost a decade as well (man that's depressing when I think about it). Same would be true in the US. Bret could have been charged with a misdemeanor at most. However, Vince could have persued a civil lawsuit and while it's unlikely he would have gotten anything more than his medical bills paid for vince's lawyers could have prolonged the situation long enough that Bret could have had a gigantic legal bill on his hands. Like Scott said it just wasn't worth it to either of them.

  4. Fair point on prolonging the suit, but any civil court judge worth a damn would have creamed McMahon's legal team if they tried to frivolously extend the litigation. My guess is that the judge would offer an immediate settlement approval for the legal bills (de minimus, at best) and threatened McMahon with a summary judgment ruling if they didn't comply.


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