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HHH v. The World

I know this is not very likely to happen, but what if someday the COOHHH does something major to fall out of favor with Vince and his charming wife?  Say he gets caught cheating on her or something to that affect and they decide to go and make a burial dvd on him??  How many past and present people would give a negative perspective on the COOHHH if they knew they had nothing to fear or fear of losing their place in the company???

Who in ROH, TNA, or non in the business anymore would have an axe to grind???  I know this is not very likely at all, but I wonder how far they could go to tear down a guy they have built up so much..

Well here’s the thing, though:  It’s not like HHH is just some guy who has Vince’s ear right now.  He’s literally the second most powerful person in the entire company and he has an executive contract with a publicly traded company.  There would be a giant mountain of legal red tape to get him out of the company, even if he cheated on Steph or worse, and part of that would be buyout agreements that would likely say “No burial DVDs, ever” in order to get him to leave.  Otherwise he could sue for defamation of character or slander or whatever and likely would have a good case.

Regardless, HHH is a pretty well-liked guy.  Even with nepotism, you don’t rise to the position he’s in without having some people skills.  Like, yeah, you hear people making fun of his caveman interview skills or self-serving behavior, but it’s not like there’s a giant contingent of embittered former co-workers with an ax to grind against the guy.