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Betting on WM?
Have you any thoughts on the uk bookmaker odds (as shown in link) for the matches at wrestlemania, i know you have spoken before about the money made by WWE employees when Chris Jericho became undisputed champion; with the only possible value bet being Triple H at 13/2 to beat the Undertaker - is there any chance of this happening? or is there anything other match worth considering?
Match results can be accumlated together - Maybe all the faces to go over as you always hope for.  Works out about 6/1 if you count John Cena as the good guy, 7/1 if you use the Rock instead - along with Sheamus, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Big Show and CMPunk.

People who bet on pro wrestling get what they deserve, as do the people who TAKE bets on pro wrestling.

That being said, I have no idea how to interpret any of that stuff.  But no, there's no chance of HHH beating Undertaker.


  1. Wow hhh is plus 8,000, I wouldn't mind putting 50 bucks on his ego, stranger things have happened


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