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I Believe In Freedom Of Choice!

Thanks to a very helpful commenter in the introductory thread, I have now figured out how to crosspost everything to Blogspot, Livejournal AND Tumblr at the same time, which is pretty awesome.  Not that I still have any idea what to do with Tumblr, but 3 people are already following me so I might as well make use of it.  So if you have any preferences (or, if like someone else noted, Blogger and LJ are blocked at work while Tumblr isn’t) you now have your choice of 3 different versions of the blog to choose from.  I’ll like just keep doing that once the regular blog is restored too, because it costs me nothing to do so.

So your choices are:


Thanks, and carry on.


  1. Is there a way to bring the comments over from each site so they all appear on one?  It would be easier than checking every site if you want to look through them.

  2. And the Twitter ranting idea?  Probably not feasible either but it would make for fun reading.


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