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I Hate Time Travel

Mr. Keith-
Have been a fan of your work going all the way back to usenet, and that website you had between then and now with the loud mouth fat kid writing for you.
In either case, I feel your blog (and your wrestling nerd reader base) have the intelligence and casual knowledge of science (as assumed all nerds do) to fully comprehend what I am about to explain... I only have an indeterminate, yet brief amount of time...
In the year 2028, Captain Waits (blue team) was traveling between 2007-2022 on a highly covert mission of which I cannot discuss. In 2008 Captain Waits was stationed in Pine Bluff, Arkansas for the summer and violated strict orders to take himself "out of the mix" entirely- Captain Waits went to the movies one night and saw the film The Dark Knight. Usually this would be something of a slap on the wrist, however, we did not know at the time that Captain Waits had also been on something of a personal mission, living a "boyhood dream" as a popular singer in the late 1970s.
Captian Waits was punished accordingly, but during his stint in the 70s, soon after his viewing of The Dark Knight, Waits appeared on an Australian talk show resulting in this......

Could just be that Heath Ledger was a big Tom Waits fan, but given that the simplest explanation is usually the best, it probably is time travel.