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The King's Recap: WWF Smackdown 4.12.2001

Thursday, April 12th, 2001

Taped (4/10) from the First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin (4/01/2001)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Triple H (4/05/2001)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (4/01/2001)
WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/01/2001)
WWF Hardcore Champion: Kane (4/01/2001)
WWF Women’s Champion: Chyna (4/01/2001)
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Crash Holly (3/18/2001)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with stills of Steve Austin and Triple H brutailizing the Hardys and Lita on Raw. Michael Cole and Tazz then welcome us to the show and add their thoughts on the vicious Austin/Triple H alliance before reporting Matt Hardy and Lita are resting comfortably at home tonight after a brief hospital stay.

~ Things kick off with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon heading to the ring and they're quickly joined by Steve Austin. Triple H gets on the mic and talks now how the WWF was a rosy place just a month ago with The Rock as champion. Triple H comments on how things have changed since and where they stand just a few short weeks after Wrestlemania. Triple H first brings up how Rock often called Wrestlemania a meeting of the two most dominant forces in the WWF but Rock was mistaken because he and Austin are the two dominant men in the WWF, now and forever. Triple H says he and Austin destroyed Rock and took the both WWF and IC titles because no one can stop them. Triple H then says the Hardys and Lita dared to stand in their way on last Monday and look what happened to them. Triple H says people everywhere are telling them how they went too far before but they will decide when it's enough. Triple H finishes by saying he is that darn good, Austin is that cold, and together the two of them are that unstoppable. Austin takes over the mic and brags that he annihilated Rock with the chair at Wrestlemania just because he wanted to. Austin then brings up how he viciously assaulted Jim Ross last week, accusing him of riding his coattails for a living. Austin says he beat and bloddied JR becasue he could and because there isn't a soul backstage who could stop him. Austin next talks about what they did to the Hardys last week because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Austin gloats about beating Matt Hardy with a chair and seeing Lita covering him, hoping that he'll show some mercy. Austin says Lita was mistaken and laid into her with everything he had, and if given the chance he would do it again. Austin rants that could have been anyone when Jeff Hardy charges in and whacks Austin and Triple H with a chair! Stephanie slaps Jeff in the face and Jeff responds by laying her out with the Twist of Fate then dashes to the back! Triple H and Austin are left fuming in the ring while we wonder if Jeff has a death wish as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Jeff Hardy getting payback on Steve Austin and Triple H and even Stephanie. Backstage Commissioner William Regal is watching a monitor when Triple H bursts in and yells about Jeff's ambush then demands a match with Jeff tonight and doesn't even care if he has to put his Intercontinential Title on the line. Regal promises to take care of it and Triple H storms off but not before saying Jeff Hardy is a dead man.

  • Spike Dudley (w/The Dudley Boyz) vs. Albert (w/X-Pac & Justin Credible)

Spike wants some payback after Albert destroyed him on Raw, but after his encounters with Bam Bam Bigelow and Mike Awesome you'd think Spike would learn to stop challenging bigger men. In any case Both men stand nose-to-nose with Albert looking down at Spike when Spike tries to get in the first shots. Albert swats Spike down but Spike is back up and gets in more offense but Albert decks him with a hard right. Albert tosses Spike across the ring and walks over his chest then picks him up by his pants and slams him. Albert headbutts Spike then whips him into a corner and goes for the Avalanche but Spike headbutts his chest. Spike goes for a Sunset Flip but can't get Albert over so Albert goes for a sit-down splash and that misses. Spike dropkicks Albert's head then climbs to the top rope but straddles the buckle after Albert bumps the ropes. Albert climbs up but Spike fights him off and connects with a double stom then follows up with the Acid Drop, or as Cole and Tazz now refer to it, the Dudley Dawg. X-Pac and Credible hop on the apron and Spike knocks them off then covers Albert but only gets a two count. The Dudleys attack Credible and X-Pac on the floor while Spike comes off the ropes but runs right into a bicycle kick and that pretty much is all she wrote. (2:36) Nothing more than a squash. DUD

Albert celebrates when the Dudleys run in and plant him with a double back suplex. Bubba sets Albert up while D'Von climbs to the top rope and connects with the "Wassup" headbutt. Bubba sends D'Von out for a table and D'Von sets one up at ringside when X-Pac jumps him and takes him out with the X-Factor on the floor. Bubba poinds on Albert in the ring but X-Pac and Credible head in and nail Bubba with a double superkick. Spike tries to get a piece of Albert but Albert Baldobombs him from the apron through the table.

~ Backstage Debra is walking somewhere when he comes across Dave Hebner and asks where Jim Ross is. Dave shows her the way to JR's dressing room and Debra walks off as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we find William Regal sitting in his office when Jeff Hardy comes in to answer his summons. Regal informs Jeff that Triple H wants to face him tonight so he congradulates him on his Intercontinential Title shot but warns him that if he ever besmirches Stephanie McMahon again, he will never ever get another title match. Jeff says that's fine with him, feeling he might not need another title shot because he just might take the strap tonight. Jeff departs just as the Big Show comes in and takes a moment to tell Jeff that Triple H is going to bust him in half. Show then tells Regal how The Undertaker and Kane made a fool of him last week and demands a match with them. Regal is about to give Show the go ahead but Show says he wants some help to take Taker and Kane out for good. Regal agrees to book Show and two partners of his choosing in a 3-on-2 handicap match and Show seems satisfied.

~ Backstage Lillian Garcia interviews Crash on him and Hardcore challening Edge & Christian for the tag team titles. Crash says ever since he came to the WWF they've been knocking him down but every time he gets right back up. Crash also says how Hardcore's back and thus he feels the Hollys are up to the challnge of winning the tag titles. Crash says Rhyno isn't an issue when Rhyno suddenly flies into the scene and Gores Crash into a closed garage door!

~ Elsewhere Jim Ross is looking over some papers when Debra comes in and talks about some things bothering her. Debra tells JR that she feels really bad about what Steve Austin did to him last week but claims she wasn't involved in it JR believes Debra and tells her that he knows what kind of person she is, unlike her husband who he thought he knew and Debra says she's confused at what Austin does. At that point Austin enters the room and accuses JR of flirting with his wife before ordering him to get lost. Austin then turns and tells Debra to pack her bags because they're leaving right now.

~ Back from break we get footage of Steve Austin and Debra leaving the building during the break.

~ Backstage Triple H looks on as the trainer checks on Stephanie who complains about her neck hurting then whines about Jeff Hardy breaking her diamond earrings. Triple H promises to take care of him and also decides to dedicate the match to her then warns the trainer to do a good job with here and departs.

~ Out in the arena Cole announces the Tag Team Title match has been scrubbed due to Crash being taken out. Cole says Edge and Christian will instead team with Kurt Angle and Regal against Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho.

  • WWF Women's Title: Chyna © vs. Ivory (w/Steven Richards)

This is Ivory's rematch after Chyna crushed her at Wrestlemania. Only tis time Ivory has her pal Richards in her corner so maybe that'll make a difference. Or not. Chyna hammers away on Ivory to start and slams her then sets her on the top rope and throws her to the mat. Chyna shoves Ivory into a corner and goes for the handspring elbow but Ivory sidesteps it and hits a bulldog. Ivory gets in her offense with a series of elbowdrops and follows up with a legdrop to the neck for a two count. Ivory snaps Chyna back then applies a chinlock but Chyna gets to her feet and throws Ivory off her back. Chyna goes for the ropes but Richards pulls her out to the floor and clotheslines her then tosses her back in. Ivory hits an elbowdrop and taunts the fans before covering Chyna for a two count then applies a facelock. Chyna counters it into a delayed vertical suplex then hits a powerslam followed by a pair of clotheslines. Chyna whips Ivory back and forth between the corners then presses her up and slams her and gets the pin. (3:53) And thus would being Chyna's burial of the Women's division. Richards comes in ready for a Stevenkick but Chyna catches him and spins him around into a DDT. DUD

~ Backstage Big Show knocks on the Acolytes' door and asks them to team with him against Undertaker and Kane. Bradshaw and Faarooq make fun of a 7' 3-ton giant needing their help and Show accuses them of being chicken. The Acolytes say they're too busy and Show tells them not to come crying to him if they need a giant and storms off.

~ Back from break Chris Jericho is conversing with Chris Benoit about having to face four opponents tonight. Jericho reminds Benoit how they humilaited William Regal on Raw and feels he's obviously out to get his revenge tonight so they're being set up for a screwjob. Benoit ponders this then suggests he and Jericho go with it.

  • Kurt Angle, William Regal, Edge & Christian vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho4-on-2 Handicap Match

Interesting how many future world champions are in this match. Benoit and Jericho both rush the ring and take it right to their four opponents, actually getting the advantage. Benoit tosses Regal over the ropes while Jericho hits Angle with a low blow then clotheslines Christian over. Edge tries to whip Benoit but Benoit counters into a suplex and Jericho follows up with the Lionsault on Edge. Angle comes back in and Jericho catches him with a right while Benoit and Regal are fighting it out on the floor. Benoit rams Regal into the apron then climbs to the top rope and connects with the diving headbutt on Edge. Benoit covers Edge but Christian is in to make the save then hits Benoit with a Slop Drop and stomps at him. Regal tags in and gets in his stomps on Benoit then caps off with a European uppercut before tagging in Angle. Angle stomps away at Benoit and hits a suplex before Edge tags in and takes over on Benoit then slams him. Christian tags in as Benoit comes back with chops when Christian whips him into a corner but eats a boot. Benoit hits more chops when Christian goes for a Slop Drop but Benoit counters with a Northen Light suplex. Both men crawl toward their corners and Christian tags in Angle while Benoit makes the hot tag to Jericho. Jericho clotheslines Angle, catches Edge with a clothesline, pops Regal off the apron and hits Angle with a chop. Jericho goes for a whip, Angle reverses but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm then goes for the bulldog. Angle ducks it and goes for the Olympic Slam, Jericho counters and goes for a backslide but Angle blocks that. Jericho puts Angle in the Walls of Jericho and Regal is in but Benoit intercepts him and slaps on the Crossface. Before either man submits Chrsitian is back in but Jericho releases Angle and puts him in the Walls of Jericho. Edge then tries to save Regal from Benoit with the spear but Benoit ducks it and slaps the Crossface on Edge. Again before either man taps Angle nails Jericho to break his hold then hits the Olympic Slam and grabs the pin. (3:28) Okay stuff but it was obvious Benoit and Jericho weren't beating the odds. **

After the bell Benoit goes after Regal but Angle nails him from behind and the two proceed to double-team him. Regal then takes a swing at Jericho but Jericho ducks it and takes him down the puts him in the Walls of Jericho. Benoit comes back against Angle and gets him in the Crossface and both Angle and Regal are tapping like mad. Edge and Christian try to come back in for the save but Jericho and Benoit knock both of them off the apron. Angle then retreats with his crew up the ramp while Benoit and Jericho are the ones standing tall in the ring.

~ Back from break Jeff Hardy is preparing for his match when Test comes in and wishes him luck against Triple H. Test also gives Jeff props for him laying Stephanie out earlier, saying how many times he's wanted to do that himself.

~ Cole and Tazz then recap Linda McMahon's chat with Vince last Monday on Raw ending with her divorce demand. The announcers mention that Vince isn't here tonight, perhaps still suffering from the shock of Linda's request.

  • Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno

As mentioned earlier Hardcore and Crash were to get a tag title match but Rhyno taking Crash out changed that, so Hardcore is out for payback instead. Both men start exchanging shots and go all around the ring until Hardcore hammers away at Rhyno in a corner. Hardcore then goes for a whip, Rhyno reverses him into the other corner and charges at him but eats a boot. Hardcore continues teeing off on Rhyno but Rhyno gets the advantage before both men start exchanging chops. Hardcore takes control with a clothesline then drapes Rhyno on the top rope and kicks him in the chest. Rhyno fights back and lays the boots to Hardcore then comes off the ropes and connects with a running boot. Rhyno clubs Hardcore's back but Hardcore takes Rhyno down and unloads on him in a corner then chokes him. Hardcore continues his assault when the referee pulls him off but Rhyno comes out and Gores both men ar once. Suddenly Molly Holly runs out and tosses a trash can to Hardcore who knocks Rhyno through the ropes with it. Rhyno backs away up the ramp and they're showing replays so I guess that's the match. (3:17) Not much to see here. DUD

~ Backstage Big Show meets with Grandmaster Sexay and asks if he and Steve Blackman might be his partners tonight. Sexay declines, telling Show that he has somewhere else to play so Show needs to start steppin' and hit the bricks. Show decides to step on Sexay instead when Blackman comes in brandishing his nunchucks and Show backs away.

~ Back from break we get a look at WWF New York which is sporting a giant 'XFL Championship' poster. We also get a shot of Triple H taping up his wrists in the back for his big IC Title defense later tonight.

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews Jeff Hardy on his chances of winning the Intercontinental Title. Jeff says winning the title would be great but tonight is all about payback and revenge for Matt and Lita.

~ Elsehwere backstage Test is checking out a magazine when the Right to Censor walks up to try and recruit him. The Goodfather says how they're trying to make a difference in the WWF and the workd and it starts with all of them. Val Venis then tells Test how the world is being choked out by abomination and he can change that by joining them. Test laughs about how he can give up women and his beliefs and dress just like them before telling them to get lost. Val responds by challenging Test to face him tonight and show how deep his convictions lie and Test accepts.

~ Again elsehwere Big Show is walking when he comes across Kaientai and their interpretor asks them to tag with him. The interpretor asks Taka and Funaki then tells Show they'll accept his invitiaton because he reminds them of Godzilla. Show mentions something about soup and wantons then walks off with them as we go to commercial.

  • The Undertaker & Kane vs. The Big Show & Kaientai3-on-2 Handicap Match

The participants file out but Kaientai get scared since Show didn't mention who their opponents were. Show tries to pull his team together and asks one of them to start us off but they're hesitant to get in the ring. Eventually Sho Funaki is in to start off but Taker says he has no beef with him and allows him to tag Show in. However Show refuses so Taker boots Funaki to get thigns started then drags him by the arm to Show's corner. Show again refuses and hops off the apron when Taka Michinoku tags in and tries to get a sleeper on Taker. Taker just walks over to his corner and tags Kane in and Kane knocks Taka off Taker's back with a right hand. Kane presses Taka up and slams him then goes for the ropes when Show nails him, finally getting involved. Kane turns and grabs Show by the throat when Funaki tries to fight him off but Kane decks Funaki in response. Taka then dropkicks Kane in the knee before Show finally comes in and hits a clothesline but Kane sits right up. So Show brings Funaki in the hard way and decides he's had enough as he heads out and abandons his partners. Kane grabs Funaki when Taka climbs to the top and leaps ofg but Kane grabs him and chokeslams both guys. Taker then convines Kane to hit a Last Ride and Kane sets Funaki up but tosses him over his head instead. Taker decides to do a proper Last Ride to Taka and Show is throwing a fit while Kane powerbombs Funaki to finally end this. (2:54) Nothing more than a comedy match, and an uniteresting one at that. DUD

~ We get a shot of Jeff Hardy preparing for his big match backstage as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Cole and Tazz hype the XFL playoffs this weekend. San Francisco/Orlando Saturday night on NBC and Los Angeles/Chicago Sunday night on UPN. Just two more weeks of the XFL, folks.

  • Test vs. Val Venis (w/The Right to Censor)

Test pounds on Val to start and goes for a whip, Val reverses but lowers the head and Test kicks the face. Test goes for the big boot but Val fakes him out so he goes for the ropes but Goodfather trips him from the floor. Test then pulls Goodfather onto to the apron but that allows Val to nail him from behind and get in his offense. Val distracts the referee while the others get in their shots from the floor then stomps Test down in a corner. Val chokes Test with his shoe and hits a suplex then applies a submission hold before clubbing him in the chest. Val slams Test and hits a kneedrop for a two count then goes for a whip and Test reverses but lowers the head. Val kicks the face then comes off the ropes but runs right into a tilt-o-whirl slam that gets Test a near fall. Test whips Val and hits him with a backdrop and Val begs him off before pulling him out through the ropes. Val distracts the referee again while Buchanan nails Test with a bicycle kick on the floor and tosses him back in. Val covers Test but only gets a two and Val argues the count but Test comes back with the pump-handle slam. Test covers Val when Goodfather distracts the referee while Buchanan comes in and nails Test for the save. Bucnanan holds Test as Steven Richards goes for the Stevenkick but Test escapes and Buchanan takes the shot. Raven then runs in and drills Richards with the Evenflow DDT but Val decks him and kicks him out to the floor. Val then scoops Test up but Test floats over him and shoves him into Goodfather, knocking him off the apron. Test then nails Val with the big boot and is finally able to get the three count. (4:08) Yawn. DUD

Test departs when Buchanan and Goodfather start shoving each other while Richards tries to calm them down. However Goodfather and Buchanan both drop Richards with a right hand before Val clotheslines both guys. Everyone starts fighting everyone else around the ring and end was finally beginning for the RTC angle.

~ Jeff Hardy and Triple H are both shown heading to the ring which means main event time as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break they replay the video package we saw at the beginning of the show, just in case you missed it.

  • WWF Intercontinential Title: Triple H © vs. Jeff Hardy

Amazing how this would be a world title match in seven years. Triple H wastes no time beating on Jeff and hammering away on him in a corner. Triple H throws Jeff through the ropes then brings him back in as we see Stephanie watching from the back. Triple H whips Jeff but Jeff comes back with a headscissors followed by a dropkick and hits a second dropkick. Triple H regains control and goes for a Pedigree but Jeff counters with a takedown and hits the double legdrop. Jeff dropkicks Triple H in the face then hits the count-along punches in a corner but Triple H shoves him off. Triple H whips Jeff into a corner but Jeff runs up the turnbuckles and connects with the Whisper in the Wind. Triple H throws Jeff under the ropes then goes after him but Jeff blocks Triple H and rams him into the steps. Jeff runs across the barricade and dives at Triple H but Triple H catches him into a slightly-botched powerslam. Triple H goes for a whip. Jeff sends him into the barrier then leaps off the apron but Triple H powerslams him. Triple H whips Jeff into the steps before rolling him back in the ring when Jeff desparately tries to fight back. Jeff goes for a whip but Triple H reverses it and connects with the high knee then continues assaulting him. Triple H chokes Jeff on the middle rope then beats him down some in a corner and chokes him with his boot. Triple H whips Jeff and slaps on a sleeperhold and Jeff begins to fade but counters the hold with a jawbreaker. Jeff follows up with a Russian legsweep and climbs to the top rope but Triple H pulls the referee into the ropes. Jeff straddles the turnbuckles and the referee repremands Triple H for that but Triple H just shoves him down. Triple H goes up and sets up for a superplex ... when Matt Hardy runs in and clobbers Triple H with a chair! Triple H is down as Jeff connects with the Swanton Bomb and gets the 1..2..3!!! (8:06) Jeff upsets Triple H and wins his first singles title. Fun main event there with some nice bumping by Jeff and halfway-decent selling by Triple H. Now you'd figure this win would have elevated the Hardys to the next level but ... well, you'll see in the next review. **½

Matt quickly helps Jeff out of the ring with Jeff's new title in hand and Stephanie is shocked in the back as while Triple H starts throwing a fit as the Hardys look on from the stage. However Tazz feels Jeff may be the champion but in his eyes he's a dead man as Smackdown goes off the air.

Conclusion: Other than the main event, a pretty forgettable show. Most of the matches weren't worth your time and the WWF seemed to be in a holding pattern as very little was progressed toward the next pay-per-view. The main event was fine and actually featured a happy ending, which was nice after three shows with downer finishes. Again Jeff's win over Triple H should have made him and Matt the next big stars and could have even started a program between them and Austin & Triple H leading up to Backlash but again we'll cover that in the next review. Since you can find the Jeff Hardy/Triple H match on the WWF Action DVD, there's no real reason to track this show down.

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